Meet Our Staff

  • Sheila

    Sheila is the practice manager at Westside.  She enjoys working with the doctors, staff, clients and pets at the clinic.  Sheila has lived on a farm most of her life, and loves working with cattle.  Sheila also helps maintain the website and Facebook presence for the clinic.

    Sheila and her dog, Widget, enjoy spending the weekends working on her family farm and out on the 4-wheeler. 

  • Debbie

    Debbie is our receptionist. She began working here in April, 2019, and has quickly become a favorite of clients and pets! Her laugh is contagious, and her love of pets and people shows! :-)

  • Josh F.

    Josh has been a veterinary assistant at Westside since 2012, and has been a great addition to the team with his love of the pets and great client communication.

    Josh is a life-long mid-Missourian, and prior to coming to Westside, he worked at a private no-kill animal shelter for 10 years.  Josh, married to Amanda, has two daughters, one son, and a house full of loving pets!

  • Anna H.

    Anna started working at Westside in May 2013 with our boarding and hospitalized patients. She is now a great veterinary assistant!

    Anna has a strong love of animals and lives on her farm with her dogs, Sammy and Pickles. Her family also has many other dogs, cats, goats, cattle, chickens, ducks and 2 cockatiels. In her spare time, Anna enjoys fishing, reading, drawing, and taking walks with her dogs.

  • Sarah B

    Sarah started working at Westside in March of 2018. She has two sisters, a brother, and 2 nieces. 

    Sarah and her husband have 2 dogs, Owen and Clyde, and 1 cat, Ollie. In her spare time, you can usually find Sarah reading or outside doing something active.  Sarah decided to join Westside because she enjoys working with animals and wanted to further her education in this field.

  • Lauren P.

    Lauren started working part-time at Westside in March 2019. Lauren works full-time at a human medical facility. Lauren has always loved and wanted to learn more about animals and thought there was no better way to that than to spend her days off at the hospital, working at Westside! :-)

     Lauren has a young chow-mix, Ziggy, who does almost everything with her and Jack (the former clinic cat that loves to find trouble).

  • Heather S

    Heather began working at Westside April 2019. She has learned many jobs here, and is always smiling as she helps pets and clients! Her 2 dogs, Zola and Mr. Darcy, and 1 cat, Luna, keep her busy!

  • Katie B

    Katie joined the Westside team as a veterinary assistant in September 2020. 

    She enjoys helping people and their pets, and loves to learn more about improving the health of others beloved animals as well as her own.  When she's not with her pets, Katie enjoys cycling and spending time outside.

  • Rachel H

    Rachel began working at Westside in October 2020. Her family lives in Missouri and some in Colorado. Her family has tons of animals along with those on her boyfriend's family farm. Some pets include: Duke (Australian Shepherd) and Josie (Basset Hound), some cats (farm), a chameleon named Frank, and 3 rabbits litter trained (roommate's) running around in their apartment.

    Rachel is a huge animal lover and that's why she wanted to join the Westside team! She is also an artist- she usually spends her free time painting guitars or listening to music. :-)

  • Madison S

    Madison joined the Westside team in September 2021. A recent graduate from Russellville High School, she enjoys singing, art, playing with her pets, and spending time with friends and family. Her family pets include dogs, a cat, 2 betas, a Parakeet, and a Leopard gecko!

     She enjoys being around animals and people, and would like to go to college to become a veterinarian or a psychologist.

  • David

    David retired from  teaching and administration in 2018. He's now corralling dogs and cats instead of kids and teachers! :-) If you see someone fixing things, mowing, or playing in the yard with the dogs, you may see David! :-)

  • Elly C.

    Elly began working at Westside January 2021. She attends California High School, and has a little sister that looks up to her.  

    Elly has 2 dogs, Angie and Finnley, and 1 cat, Sam.  She would love to go to college for veterinary medicine, and is getting great experience in the industry!

    Elly loves to travel, go on adventures with her dogs, watch sunsets, and play golf.


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