The Brenna Siebert Memorial Pet Fund

Brenna Siebert Memorial Fund

The Brenna Siebert Memorial Pet Care Fund was created by Helen and Larry Siebert in memory of their daughter Brenna. Brenna along with her sister Chrisha, and 228 other passengers and crew lost their lives in the crash of TWA International Flight 800 on July 17, 1996.

Brenna's love in life was animals. She helped homeless pets and pets whose owners could not provide adequate care due to financial hardship. Often, Brenna would pay the veterinary services for these pets in need, from her own pocket. At the time of her passing, Brenna was a dedicated employee of Westside Veterinary Clinic.

 The Brenna Siebert Memorial Pet Care fund helps enhance and protect the health and lives of pets that would not otherwise receive the veterinary care they need. At Westside Veterinary Clinic there is no application process for receipt of this assistance, rather our veterinarians and management staff along with the input of Helen and Larry Siebert determine when funds from the Memorial Fund will be offered.


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