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Welcome to our blog! We have put together a list of commonly asked questions we hear in our exam rooms at Westside. Hopefully these will be both helpful and bring a smile to your face.  We love chatting with you and if you have any suggestions or other questions please feel free to call us at 573-893-7707. 

Tis the Season!

          Unfortunately we are not referring to the Christmas season but Allergy Season!!! Lately, we have seen so many pets coming in for chewing paws, dirty ears and itchy skin that we thought now would be a good time to discuss one of the most common issues seen in veterinary medicine. Skin allergies!

            Dogs and cats get allergies for the same reasons that people do.  Fleas, food, dander, or pollen from all the lovely flowers and trees that bloom during the spring and summer are just a few on the list. Pets, however, show allergies in different ways than you and I do.

            While a few of them may have runny eyes; animals are less likely to have a runny nose or cough from allergies and more likely to show allergies in some form of itchy skin. Below are a few signs to watch for in case your pet has skin allergies.

1.Itchy Paws:

  • Paws are a common place for allergies to show up. If your pet is constantly licking or chewing between their toes it’s probably because they itch.

2.Rust colored paws:

  • If you notice that your pet has a rusty red color to the fur around its paws it’s probable that they are chewing or licking on their paws. Their saliva contains iron, which creates the rust color on the fur when they are constantly licking. dog itching

3.Shaking their head or scratching their ears:

4. Constant Scratching:

  • If your pet is up to date on flea and tick medication but they are constantly scratching it is likely they have skin allergies, which are making them itch!

Inflamed hot spot on dog's back

5.Hot Spots:

  • Hot spots are skin lesions that form when an animal is so itchy they actually chew or scratch a sore on their skin. They can be very painful and become easily infected.

If you have noticed any of these signs in your fur baby it may be time to bring them in to your local veterinarian for a check up.  Skin allergies can be treated year round or seasonally. While Benadryl can help it is more of a band-aide and it doesn’t really solve the problem. It definitely won’t stop a hot spot. Your local veterinarian will have more options for you. So come see us and stop the itch! Your pet will love you for it!


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Working at Westside

Working at Westside

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